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Italian first names beginning with the letter I - J
Italian EtymologyEnglish
Iacopo From the Latin "Jacb", equivalent of Giacomo and Giacobbe; he who walks in the footsteps of God.N/A
Iacopone Variation of Iacopo, with the same etymology. N/A
Icilio From ancient Latin; battler. N/A
Ida From the High German "Itha"; female warrior. N/A
Idio Truncated variation of "Didio", used in Tuscany; belonging to God. N/A
Iffredo Name typically found in the Piedmont region, derived from the Teutonic "Gotifredus"; protected by God. N/A
Ifigenia Derived from Greek; woman of strong stock. N/A
Iginia Feminine for of Igino, with the same meaning. N/A
Igino Derived from the Greek "yg-nos", latinized as "iginus" prosperous, with integrity and fortune. N/A
Ignazio Derived from the Greek "Igniatios"; son. Used in the feminine form as Ignazia. N/A
Igor Name typically Russian, corresponding to "Gregory", awake, alert. N/A
Ilaria Feminine variation of Ilario with the same meaning. N/A
Ilarino Diminutive of Ilario with the same meaning. N/A
Ilario Derived from the ancient Latin "Hilaris"; happy, elated. N/A
Ilarione From the name Ilario; happy. N/A
Ilaro Variation of Ilario with the same meaning. N/A
Ilda From the ancient German "Hilt"; warrior. N/A
Ildebrando From the German "Hild" and "brand", latinized as "Hildebrandus"; powerful in battle. N/A
Ildefonso Derived from the German "Hiltifuns"; ready for battle. N/A
Ildegarda Derived from the German "Hildigard"; strong in battle, warrior. N/A
Ildegonda Derived from the ancient High German "hilta" and "gunth"; battle, fight. N/A
Ileana From the Greek; like the sun. N/A
Ilia Ancient name of Greek origin, latinized as "Ilus"; wild. N/A
Ilio Name of ethnic origin, from the Greek "Ilios", city inhabited by the Dardanians and Trojans; from Troy. N/A
Illidio From the Latin "Illidius"; he who beats, hits, wounds, batters. N/A
Illuminata Feminine form of the Latin "Illuminatus"; scholarly, learned. N/A
Illuminato From the Latin "Illuminatus"; scholarly, learned. N/A
Imelda Derived from the ancient German "Himilheld"; celestial heroine. N/A
Imelino From the ancient German "Himil"; the sky, the heavens. N/A
Imerio Name of ethnic origin, from the Latin "Himerius"; from Himera, ancient locality in Sicily. N/A
Immacolata Name given in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. N/A
Immacolato Masculine variation of Immacolata. Very rarely found in the masculine. N/A
Incoronata An attribute of the Virgin Mary; she who is with crown. N/A
Indro From a language of Madagascar; man from the forest. N/A
Ines Name of Iberian origin, corresponding to Agnes; chaste, pure. N/A
Ingrid Name of unknown etymology. N/A
Inisio Name of ethnic origin, from the Gaelic "Inis"; from Ennis, a locality found in Ireland. N/A
Innocente From the Latin "innocens"; innocent. N/A
Innocenza From the Latin "Innocentia"; she who is innocent. N/A
Innocenzo From the Latin "Innocentius"; innocent. N/A
Iodolo From "Judulus", derived from the feminine name of "Jolant" or "Jolans", found in ancient Gaul; haveing the color of a violet. N/A
Iolanda Derived from the ancient French "Joland" or "Jolant", latinized as "Yiolantis; color of the violet. Yolanda
Iole Derived from the Greek "jon"; violet. N/A
Iona Derived from the Greek "jon", latinized as "jone"; violet. N/A
Ipazio Derived from the Greek, latinized as "Hypatius"; famous, illustrious. N/A
Ippocrate Derived from the Greek "Hippokratees"; strong horseman. N/A
Ippolito Derived from the Greek "Ippolytos"; horse tamer. N/A
Irene Derived from the Greek "Eirn"; peace. Irene
Ireneo Derived from the Greek "Eirenaios"; man of peace. N/A
Irenione Varition of Ireneo with the same meaning. N/A
Iride Derived from the Greek "Iris"; announcement. N/A
Irma Derived from the name "Irmin", epiteth of the god of the Saxons with the same etymology as Irmina; strong, powerful. N/A
Irmina Derived from the ancient High German "Irmin", another name given to Odin; strong powerful woman. N/A
Isa Ancient name of Celtic origin; luminous. N/A
Isabella From the Phoenician "Gezabele", derived from "Ezbel"; follower of Baal. N/A
Isacco From the Hebrew "Isehaq", form of the verb "Zahq"; God smiles upon him. N/A
Isacio Derived from the Latin "Isacius", variation of Isacco with the same meaning. N/A
Isaia Derived from the Hebrew "Jeschia'jh", latinized as "Esaias"; God is salvation. Isaiah
Isauro Derived from the Latin "Isaurus", name of ethnic origin; from Isaura, locality in Asia Minor. N/A
Ischirione From Greek, latinized as "Ischyrion"; strong. N/A
Isidora Feminine form of Isidoro with the same meaning. N/A
Isidoro From the Greek "Isidros", derived from "Isis" and "dron"; gift of Isis, the ancient Egyptian deity. Isidore
Ismaele Derived from the Hebrew "Sciamah" and "Ez"; God hears me. N/A
Isnardo Name of Celtic origin; very luminous. N/A
Iso From the Celtic "Is"; luminous, bright. N/A
Isolina From the Celtic "Essylt", later changed to "Iseul" or "Iseult", corresponding to the ancient French "Iseulte". Name similar to Isotta with the same meaning. N/A
Isotta From the Celtic "Essylt"; protects with fire. N/A
Israele From the Hebrew "El" and "Sciarah", fights for the Lord. N/A
Italo Derived from the Greek "Italos", latinized as "Vitulus"; calf of the cow. Found also as Itala and Italia. N/A
Itria Name derived from the Madonna of Odigitria, who supported the Apostles to go out and preach the Gospel, hence;voyage. N/A
Ivano From the provincial "Yvan", corresponding to Giovanni. N/A
Ivanoe From the Celtic "Iwes", like Ivone; alert, ready. N/A
Ivetta Name of Celtic origin; ready. N/A
Ivio Variation of Ivo, truncated form of Ivone; active. N/A
Ivone From the Celtic "Ywes"; actively ready, alert.N/A

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