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Italian first names beginning with the letter R
Italian EtymologyEnglish
Rachele From the Hebrew "Rachel"; docile, little sheep.Rachel
Raffaele Derived from the Hebrew "Rapha" and "El"; God is the doctor, God will heal. Found also as "Raffaello". Ralph
Raffaella Feminine for of the Latin name "Raphael"; God will reheal. Found also as "Rafaela" and "Raffaela". N/A
Raimondo Derived from the ancient High German "Reinmund"; wise defender. Raymond
Rainerio From ancient High German; wise warrior. N/A
Rainieri Variation of Rainerio; invincible warrior. N/A
Ranieri Derived from the ancient High German "Reiner" latinized as "Rainerius"; invincible warrior. N/A
Raniero From ancient German "Raganhar"; wise warrior among the army. N/A
Raoul From the Latin "Raulus", truncated form of "Raulandus"; glory of the nation. N/A
Rebecca Derived from the Hebrew "Ribqh"; enticingly gracious. N/A
Redenta Feminine form of the Latin "Redemptus"; emancipated, redeemed. N/A
Redento Derived from the Latin "Redemptus"; liberated, freed. N/A
Regina Derived from the ancient German "Regin" or "Ragan"; sage who gives good advise. N/A
Reginaldo Derived from the ancient High German "Reginwalt"; powerful counselor. N/A
Remigio From the Latin "Remigius", derived from "rmex"; boatman, oarsman. N/A
Remo From the Latin "Remus", derived from the Greek "reo"; that which flows.. Remus
Remondo From Latin, variation of "Veremondo"; respected by all. N/A
Renato From ancient Celtic, latinized as "Renatus"; reborn, born again. Found also in the feminine as Renata. N/A
Riccarda Feminine form of Riccardo; rich, powerful lady. N/A
Riccardo From the provincial "Richard", originally from German, rich, powerful. Found also as Riciardo and Ricardo. Richard
Richelmo Derived from the ancient High German "Richhelm"; powerful defender. N/A
Rina Derived from Reina, originally from the ancient German "Reins"; counselor, advisor. N/A
Rinaldo Derived from the ancient German "Reinwalt"; powerful advisor. N/A
Rino Diminutive of Vittorino, derived from the Latin "Victor"; winner. N/A
Rita Abbreviated form of the name Margherita; pearl. N/A
Roberto From the provincial "Robert", derived from the ancient "Hruodbert; glorious, magnificent. Robert
Romano From the Latin "Romanus", roman, man of Rome. N/A
Romarico From ancien German, latinized as "Romaricus"; illustrious lord. Found also as Romario. N/A
Rombaldo Derived from ancient German; famous for his bravery. N/A
Romedio Variation of the name "Remedio"; from the city of Reims. N/A
Romeo From the Latin "Romeus"; he who goes to Rome as a pilgrimage of devotion. Found also as Romea. N/A
Romero Name of Iberian origin with same meaning as Romeo; pilgrim. N/A
Romilda Derived from the ancient Lombard "Romphilde"; heroine. N/A
Romola Feminine variation of the Latin name "Romolus"; she who lives near the river. N/A
Romolo Derived from Romilia, epiteth of a Roman people who establihed a settlement on the Etruscan side of the river Tiber. N/A
Romualdo From the Goth "Rummwald", latinized as "Romualdus"; glorious ruler. N/A
Rosa Feminine name derived from the Latin word "Rosa"; Rose. N/A
Rosalia From the provincial "Rocelin", latinized as Rosalia; crown of roses. N/A
Rosalinda Derived from the German "hros" and "lint"; defended by the horse. N/A
Rosamunda Feminine form of the German name "Rosamund"; knight. N/A
Rosario From the Latin "Rosarius", derived from "rosarium", name that to Christians means; cycle of prayers devoted to the Madonna of the Rosary. N/A
Roselina Derived from the provincial "Rocelin"; crowned with roses. N/A
Rosio From the Latin "Rosius"; aromatic, perfumed. N/A
Rosmunda Derived from the ancient High German "Rosamund"; knight, defender of his horse. N/A
Rossana Derived from the ancient Latin "Roxanes", corresponding to the Persian "Roshen"; magnificent, splendid. N/A
Rossore Popular variation of "Lussorio", name used particularly in Tuscany near Pisa; spendid, luxurious. N/A
Rosula Name derived from Latin; strawberry tree. Found also as Rossello and the feminine Rossella. N/A
Rowena Derived from the Gaelic "Rawena"; praised, glorious. N/A
Ruben Derived from the Hebrew "Rhe' Ubn"; protected by God.. N/A
Rubiano From the Latin adjective "rubrus"; rosey, rubicond. N/A
Rudesindo From ancient Spanish; rude ruler. N/A
Ruffillo Variation of the name "Ruffo"; golden, almost blonde. Found also as Rufillo. N/A
Ruffo From the Latin "rufus"; reddish, almost blonde. N/A
Rufina Derived from Latin; belonging to the Rufus Roman family, of the Cornelia gens. N/A
Rufiniano From the Latin "Rufinianus"; of the Rufus family. N/A
Rufino From the Latin "Rufinus"; derived from "rufus"; red haired. Found also as Ruffino. N/A
Rufo Derived from the Latin adjective "rufus", name of a Roman people; red haired. N/A
Ruggero Derived from the ancient Saxon "hard" and "gar"; glorious lance. N/A
Rulfo Truncated form of "Austrulfo"; wolf from the East. N/A
Rumoldo From the ancient High German "Rumold"; conqueror. N/A
Ruperto Derived from the ancient Saxon "Rudperht", later "Ruper"; shining with glory. N/A
Rusticiano Variation of Rustico; rural, of the fields. N/A
Rustico From the latin "Rusticus"; rural, farmer. N/A
Ruth Derived from the Hebrew "Re'hut", latinized as "Ruth"; friend. N/A
Rutilio Derived from Latin, name of a Roman people; reddish blond. N/A
Rutilo From the latin "Rutilus"; scintillating, luminous. N/A
Rutolo From the Latin "Rutulus"; golden.N/A

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