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Italian first names beginning with the letter X - Y - Z
Italian EtymologyEnglish
Zaccaria Teoforic name of Aramaic origin, "Zacharyah", God has remembered.Zachary
Zaccheo From the Aramaic "Zakkai", he whom God remembers. Zaccheus
Zaira From the Arabic "ZahÓrah", the rose. N/A
Zama Ancient latin name indicating provenance, from Zama, ancient city of Numidia. N/A
Zambda From Hebrew, latinized as "Zambdas", he who reflects, meditates. N/A
Zanebono Popular name in the Mantova province, Lombardy, John the good. N/A
Zanipolo Popular in the Veneto region, the combination of John and Paul, small gift from God. N/A
Zanita From Greek, latinized as "Zanitas", having long teeth. N/A
Zanobi From the Latin "Zenobius", full of life. N/A
Zebedeo From the ancient Aramaic, "Zabdai", servant of God. N/A
Zebina Derived from Greek, gifted. N/A
Zefirino From the Greek, "ZŤphiros", spring wind. N/A
Zeffiro From Greek, latinized as "ZŤphyrus", he who brings life. Found also as Zefiro. N/A
Zelinda From the Old High German, "Segelinde", victory shield. N/A
Zena From Greek, latinized as "Zenas", alive. N/A
Zenaide From Greek, he who dedicates his life to God. N/A
Zenobia From Greek, Zeus gave her life. N/A
Zenobio From the Greek, "zen and bios", Zeus" strength. N/A
Zenone From Greek, comes from Zeus or lives by the will of Zeus. N/A
Zetico From Greek, latinized as "Zeticus", seeker, researcher. N/A
Zita Name of Persian origin, young virgin. The diminutive form, Zitella, means spinster. N/A
Zoe Ancient name, like the Greek homonym, life. N/A
Zoello From Greek, latinized as "Zoellus", son of Zoe. N/A
Zoilo From the Greek, "Zoilos", vivacious. N/A
Zopito Patron saint of the town of Loreto Aprutino, Abruzzo, name of uncertain etymology. N/A
Zosima Feminine form of Zosimo, vivacious. N/A
Zosimo From the Greek, "Zosimos", full of life, vigor. N/A
Zotico Form Greek, latinized as "Zoticus", full of life, dynamic. N/A

Teoforic: proper name containing the name of God

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