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Italian first names beginning with the letter O
Italian EtymologyEnglish
Obdulia Ancient feminine name of Celtic origin; obstinant.N/A
Obizio From the Latin "Obicius"; he who wants to be in the forefront. N/A
Oceano Originally Greek, from the Latin "Oceanus", epiteth of the god of the sea; immensity. N/A
Oddino From old German; proprietor of little wealth. N/A
Oddone Derived from the Longobard "Odan", latinized as Oddo and Odonis; owner, proprietor. N/A
Odetta From the ancient German "Odon"; proprietor. N/A
Odilia Feminine name derived from Celtic; heir, inheritor. N/A
Odilone From Celtic latinized as "Odilonis"; heir, inheritor. N/A
Odo From the ancient German "Odon"; proprietor. N/A
Odorico Derived from the ancient German "Od-Rik"; very rich, wealthy. N/A
Ofelia Derived from the Greek "Ofeleia"; she who helps, assistant. N/A
Oglerio Ancient name of Gallic origin; reader of the scriptures. N/A
Olao From the Scandinavian "Olaf", derived from "Olafr"; son. N/A
Olcese Name commonly used in the Liguria region, derived from "Ursicino"; little bear. N/A
Olga Typically Russian name, derived from ancient the Scandinavian "Helgi"; saintly, holy. N/A
Olimpia Derived from the Greek "Olympia"; lives on Mount Olympus. N/A
Olimpiade From Greek, latinized as "Olympiades"; lives on Mount Olympus. N/A
Olimpio Derived from Greek, latinized as "Olympius"; celestial. N/A
Oliva Derived from the same Latin homonym; olive. N/A
Olivia Derived from the Celtic "Oll" and "Wer"; very ardent, passionate. N/A
Oliviera Feminine form of Oliviero with the same meaning. N/A
Oliviero Derived from the Latin "Oliverius"; proprietor of olive groves.. N/A
Ollegario From ancient Saxon, latinized as "Oligerus"; very diligent. N/A
Ombelina Derived from Longobard; has a small shadow. N/A
Omero Derived from the ancient French "Audomer", latinized as "Homerus"; known for his land holdings. Homer
Omobono Derived from Latin; good man. N/A
Onesiforo Derived from Greek, latinized as "Onesiphorus"; useful. N/A
Onesimo Derived from Greek, latinized as "Onesimus"; useful, beneficial. N/A
Onesta From the Latin "Honestas"; proven, time honored. N/A
Onesto From the Latin "Honestus"; proven, gentleman. N/A
Onofrio From the Latin "Omuphrius", derived from the Coptic "Uenofre"; he who is good.. N/A
Onorata Feminine form of Onorato; esteemed, honored. N/A
Onorato From the Latin "Honoratus"; esteemed. N/A
Onorina Diminutive of Onorata with the same meaning. N/A
Onorio From the Latin "Honor"; he who is respected. N/A
Opilio From Greek, latinized as "Opilius"; shepherd. N/A
Oranna Derived from Gaelic; praying. N/A
Orazio Derived from the Greek "Orates", latinized as "Horatius"; seer, clairvoyant. Horatio
Orenzio Derived from the Latin "Orentius"; praying. N/A
Oreste Derived from the Greek "Orestees"; mountain man. N/A
Orfeo From Hebrew, latinized as "Orpheus"; stubborn, hard headed. Orpheus
Oricolo Derived from the Latin "Oriculus", name of ethnic origin; from Oricumu, present day Erico in Albania. N/A
Origene Derived from the Greek "oros" and "ghenos"; from the mountain. N/A
Oringa Feminine name of Iberian origin; inhabitant of Oringis, ancient Spanish locality chosen as a settlement by the Carthagians. N/A
Orio From the Greek "Hoorios"; beautiful, elegant. N/A
Orlando Frankish-Latin name, derived from "Hruodolandus"; gives glory to his country. N/A
Ormisda From Persian, latinized as "Hormisdas"; good. N/A
Ornella Relatively new name, derived from Ornello, name found in the author D'Annunzio's book "Jorio's daugher"; flexible, young. N/A
Oronzo From the Latin "Orontius"; swift, agile. N/A
Orre Derived from the Latin "Horreo"; hirsute, curly haired. N/A
Orsino Diminutive of Latin name "Ursus"; small bear. N/A
Orso Derived from the Latin name "Ursus"; bear. N/A
Orsola Diminutive of the Latin name "Ursa" with the same meaning of "Orso"; bear. N/A
Orsolina Diminutive of Latin name "Orsola"; small bear. N/A
Ortensia Derived from the Latin "Hortensis", from "Hortense", pseudonym given to Venus; she who is in the garden. N/A
Ortensio Derived from the Latin "Hortènsius"; takes care of the garden, gardener. N/A
Ortolana Feminine form of Ortolano with the same meaning. N/A
Ortolano Derived from the Latin "Hortolanus"; worke of the garden, gardener. N/A
Osanna Very rare feminine name, derived from the Hebrew "Hosannah"; halleluiah. N/A
Oscar From the archaic German "Oskar", latinized as "Anscarius"; warrior of God. N/A
Osea Derived from the Hebrew "Hoseah"; saved by the Lord. N/A
Osmondo Derived from the ancient High German "Osmund"; protected by God. N/A
Ospizio Derived from the Latin "Hospitiume"; he who gives refuge. N/A
Ostiano From the Latin "Hostianus"; sacrificed. N/A
Osvaldo Derived from the ancient Saxon "Hos" and "Wald"; defender of the home. Oswald
Otilia Variation of "Ottilia", derived from the Bavarian "Ottilie"; heir. N/A
Otmaro Derived from ancient German; he who elates, makes happy. N/A
Ottato Derived from Latin; he who has opted for, he who has selected Christianity. N/A
Ottaviano Derived from the Latin "Octaviano"; son of Octavius. Octavian
Ottavio Derived from the Latin "Octavius"; eighth son. N/A
Ottilia Italian variation of the German name "Ottilie", like "Odilia"; heir. N/A
Ottone Derived from the ancient Saxon "Athad", latinized as "Othonem"; proprietor, owner. N/A
Ovidio From the Latin Ovidius; owner of cattle.N/A

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