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Italian first names beginning with the letter U
Italian EtymologyEnglish
Ubaldesca Ancient German feminine name. Its meaning translates as; of the Ubalds.N/A
Ubaldo Derived from the ancient Saxon "hyg" and "bald", latinized as "Ubaldus"; powerful rescuer. N/A
Ubertino Diminutive of Uberto; illustriously wealthy. N/A
Ugo Derived from the ancient German "Hug"; wise spirit. Found also in the feminine as Ughetta. Hugo
Ugolina Feminine form of Ugo with the same meaning. N/A
Ugolino Diminutive of Ugo with the same meaning. N/A
Ugone Derived from the Latin "Ugonis"; intelligent man. N/A
Uguccione Variation of Ugo, found mainly in Tuscany. N/A
Ulberto Variation of Alberto. Name of German origin; illustious and noble. N/A
Ulderico Derived from the ancient German "Hulderich"; powerful and merciful. Found also as Udalrico and Uldarico. N/A
Ulfa Derived from an ancient Breton dialect; wolf. N/A
Ulfo Feminine form of Ulfa; wolf. N/A
Ulisse Derived from the Greek "OdyssŤos", latinized as "Ulixes"; irate, irritated. Ulysses
Uliva Derived from Latin; woman of peace. N/A
Ulpiano Derived from the Latin "Ulpianus", name of ethnic origin; from Ulpio. N/A
Ulrico Derived from the German "Ulrich"; powerfully wealthy. Found in the feminine as Ulrica. N/A
Ulstano Ancient name of Irish origin, name of provenance; from Ulster. N/A
Umberto Derived from the ancient German "Humbert"; magnificent giant. N/A
Umile Name of Latin origin, derived from "humilis"; humble. N/A
Umilta' Derived from the Latin "Humilitas"; docile, humble. Found also as Umiliana. N/A
Unna Derived from the Latin "Hunnilas", name of Teutonic origin; freed from the Huns. N/A
Uranio Derived from Latin; serene, sky blue. N/A
Urbano Derived from the Latin "Urbanus"; citizen, inhabitant of a city. Urban
Urcisceno Ancient name of ethnic origin; from Urcino, city in Corsica, presently destroyed. N/A
Uriele Derived from the Hebrew "Uri'El"; the light of God. N/A
Ursicino Derived from the Latin "Ursicinus"; strong like a small bear. N/A
Ursicio Derived from the Latin "Ursicius"; resembling a bear. N/A
Ursino Derived from the Latin "Ursinus"; small bear, cub. N/A
Ursmaro From ancient Gaelic, latinized as "Ursmarus", young male bear, cub.N/A

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