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Italian first names beginning with the letter Q
Italian EtymologyEnglish
Quadrato From the Latin "Quadratus"; square, righteous, judicious.N/A
Quarto From the Latin "Quartus"; fourth child. N/A
Quieta From the Latin "Quies"; epithet of the Roman goddess of quiet and death; calm, tranquil. N/A
Quintilia Feminine form of the Latin "Quintilianus"; born in the month of july. Found also as Quintilla. N/A
Quintiliano From the Latin "Quintilianus"; born in the month of july. N/A
Quintilio From the Latin "Quintilius"; name given to those born in the month of July. Found also as Quintillo. N/A
Quintino From old French "Quentin"; derived from Quent; agile. N/A
Quinto From the Latin "Quintus"; fifth child. N/A
Quinziano From the Latin "Quintianus"; son of Quinzio. Found also in the feminine "Quinziana". N/A
Quinzio From the Latin "Quincius"; ancient name commonly given to the "fifth child". N/A
Quirico Variation of "Quiriaco". From the Greek "Kyriacos"; lord, owner. N/A
Quirino From the Latin "Quirinus"; armed with a lance.N/A

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