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Italian first names beginning with the letter L
Italian EtymologyEnglish
Ladislao From the Polish "Wladislaw"; lord.N/A
Lamberto From the Longobard "Landoberht"; famous in his country. N/A
Lancillotto Variation of the Medieval name "Lanciotto". Derived from the Latin "lancearius"; lancer. N/A
Landelino From ancient German; man of the earth, farmer. N/A
Lando Derived from the ancient High German "Lant"; land, earth. N/A
Landoaldo From ancient German, latinized as "Landoaldus"; strong for his country. N/A
Landolfo From ancient French "Landoul", derived from the German "Landulf"; he who brings victory. N/A
Lanfranco From the Longobard; liberator of his country. N/A
Lardo From the Latin "Lardum" or "Laridum", derived probably form the Greek "Larinos"; overnourished. N/A
Largo Derived from the Latin "largus"; abundant. N/A
Latino Ethnic name derived from the Latin "Latinus"; from the region of Lazio. N/A
Laura Derived from the Latin "laurus", referring to the laurel, plant that is the symbol of poetry and acclaim. N/A
Laurentino Ethnic name derived from the Latin; from Laurentum, a city in the region of Lazio. N/A
Lauriano Derived from the Latin "Laurianus"; has achieved and wears a belt of laurels. N/A
Lauro Derived from the Latin "laurus", laurel, sacred plant of Apollo. N/A
Lautone From ancient German, latinized as "Lautonis"; distinguished, neat, limpid. N/A
Lavinio Name of ethnic origin; from Lavinia, ancient city in the Lazio region, founded by Aeneas. N/A
Lazzaro From the Hebrew "Eleazar"; he who is assisted by God. N/A
Lea Derived from the Greek "Leāina"; lioness. N/A
Leandro From the Greek "leiandros", latinized as "leandrus"; gentle man. N/A
Leda Feminine name of Greek origin with unknown etymology. N/A
Lelia From ancient Latin, feminine name originally from Greek, playful. N/A
Lelio Name of unknown etymology. N/A
Lena Truncated form of Maddalena; magnificent, exulted. N/A
Leobardo From ancient German, latinized as "leobardus"; brave, strong as a lion. N/A
Leocadia Derived from Greek, latinized as "Leucadia"; white deity. N/A
Leocrizia From Greek; queen, crowned. N/A
Leodegario From ancient German, latinized as "Leodegarius"; famous warrior. N/A
Leomene Derived from Greek; leads the lions. N/A
Leonardo Derived from the Longobard "Leonhard"; strong as a lion. N/A
Leone Derived from the Latin with the evident meaning; lion. N/A
Leonida Derived from Greek; like a lion. N/A
Leonide From Greek, latinized as "Leonides"; similar to the lion. N/A
Leonilda Derived from the German "Leonhild"; fights like a lion. N/A
Leonino Derived from the Latin "Leoninus"; courageous, brave. N/A
Leonio Variation of Leone with the same meaning; lion N/A
Leonoro Name of Celtic origin; leader, commander. N/A
Leontina Feminine form of the "Leontinus", Latin name of ethnic origin; inhabitant of Lentini, city in Sicily. N/A
Leonzia From Greek; young lioness. N/A
Leonzio From the Greek "Lentios"; young lion. N/A
Leopardo Derived from Latin; leopard. N/A
Leopoldo Derived from the German "Leutpold"; he who is distinguished. N/A
Leovigildo Derived from Visigoth; alert lion. N/A
Lesbia Greek name of ethnic origin, latinized as "Lesbius"; inhabitant of Lesbos, a Greek island. N/A
Letanzio From the Latin "Letantius"; mortal. N/A
Letizia From the Latin "Laetitia", corresponding to the Greek name "Euphrasia"; happy, euphoric.. N/A
Leto From Latin; killed. N/A
Leucio From Greek, latinized as "Leucius"; white. N/A
Lia From the Hebrew "Le'āg"; laborious, hard worker. N/A
Libby Variation of "Elisabetta". N/A
Libe Latin name of ethnic origin; from Libya. N/A
Liberale Derived from the Latin "Liberalis"; magnanimous, democratic. N/A
Liberata Feminine form of the Latin "Liberatus"; free, no more a slave. N/A
Liberato From the Latin "Liberatus"; free man, freed from slavery. N/A
Liberatore From Latin; liberator. N/A
Liberio From the Latin name "Liberius"; independent. N/A
Libero From the Latin name "Liber"; independent, free. N/A
Liberto Derived from Latin; free. N/A
Liborio Name derived from the Hebrew "Libba", latinized as "Liborius"; inspired. N/A
Liboso From Greek, latinized as "Libosus", derived from "Libonis", name of a people from Scribonia. N/A
Licandro Variation of "Nicandro"; victorious, used commonly in the province of Foggia, in the Puglia region. N/A
Licarione From Greek, latinized as "Licarion"; strong as a wolf. N/A
Licerio From the Latin "Licerius"; permissive. N/A
Licia Derived from the Latin masculine "Lycius". Name of ethnic origin; from Licia, ancient region of Asia Minor. N/A
Licinia Derived from the Latin name "Licinius"; inhabitant of Licia. N/A
Licinio Derived from the Latin name "Licinius"; has flowing hair. N/A
Lidania Ancient feminine name of Gaelic origin; playful. N/A
Lidia Greek name of ethnic origin; inhabitant of Lydia. N/A
Lidio Masculine form of Lidia with the same meaning;inhabitant of Lydia. N/A
Lidorio Derived from the Latin "Lidorius"; he who hits, batter. N/A
Liduina From the Celtic "Liduvina", latinized as "Liduina"; beautiful joyous feast. N/A
Lidurina Variation of Liduina; joyous feast. N/A
Lieto Derived from the Latin "Letus"; blessed, joyous. N/A
Lifardo From Greek, latinized as "liphardus"; the color of fire. N/A
Ligorio From the Latin "Ligorius", derived from "Lidorius"; he who hits. N/A
Liliana Feminine name derived from the Latin "Lilium"; lily. N/A
Lilibeth Variation of Elisabetta. N/A
Liliosa Name of unknown origin. N/A
Linda Truncated form of "Teodolinda"; benign, good woman. N/A
Lino Name of Greek origin, latinized as "Linus" or "Linos"; net. N/A
Lioba From the Goth; that which presents a barrier. N/A
Lionello Diminutive of Leone; young lion. N/A
Lisa Variation of Elisabetta. N/A
Lisandro Derived from the Greek "Lysandros"; free man. N/A
Lisanna Name resulting from the combination of Elisabetta and Anna. N/A
Liselore Varition of Elisabetta or Elisa. N/A
Lisena Varition of Elisabetta. N/A
Lisinda Varition of Elisabetta. N/A
Lissy Varition of Elisabetta or Elisa. N/A
Livario Derived from Celtic; blueish. N/A
Livino Derived from the Latin "Livinius"; belonging to the family of Livia. N/A
Livio Derived from the Latin "Lividus"; livid, pallid. N/A
Liza Varition of Elisabetta. N/A
Lo Popular contraction of "Aloisio"; in the light. N/A
Lodovica From ancient High German; famous warrior. N/A
Lodovico From the German "Ludwig"; glorious fighter. N/A
Longino From Greek, latinized as "Longinus"; tall, long. N/A
Loredana Variation of "Lauretana", epiteth of the Madonna of Loreto, derived from the Latin "Lauretum"; laurel grove. N/A
Lorenza From the Latin masculine "Laurentius", derived from "Laurentium", ancient city in the Lazio region where there were laurel plantations. N/A
Lorenzo Name of ethnic origin, derived from the Latin "Laurentius"; from Laurentum. Lawrence
Loretta Variation of Laura with the same meaning; of the laurel plant. N/A
Lotario Truncated name of the French "Clotario"; famous warrior. N/A
Luca Abbreviated form of the Latin "Lucanus", name of ethnic origin; from Lucania, locality found in the region of Basilicata, southern Italy. N/A
Lucano Derived from the Latin "Lucānus"; inhabitant of Lucania. N/A
Lucchesio Name of ethnic origin; inhabitant of Lucchesia. N/A
Lucerio From Latin; emits light. N/A
Lucia Feminine form of the Latin "Lucius", derived from "lux"; light. Name given to those born in the dawn hours. N/A
Luciana Feminine form of the Latin "Lucianus", derived from "Lucius"; born in the light. N/A
Luciano Derived from the Latin "Lucianus"; born in the light. N/A
Lucidio Derived from the Latin "Lucidius"; is bright, shines. N/A
Lucifero Derived from the Latin "Lux"; brings light.. N/A
Lucilla Diminutive of the Latin "Lucius", derived from "lux"; light. N/A
Lucina From the Latin "Lucina"; moonlight, splendor. N/A
Lucio Derived from the Latin "Lucius"; luminous. N/A
Luciolo From Latin; brilliant. N/A
Lucrezia Name of ethnic origin; from Lucretilis, a mountain in the Lazio region. N/A
Ludano Ancient name of Celtic origin; dedicated to Lud, a major Gallic deity. N/A
Ludgero From ancient German, latinized as "Ludgerus"; famous warrior. N/A
Ludovica Variation of "Lodovica", name of High German origin; famous female warrior. N/A
Ludovico Derived from the ancient German "Ludwig", latinized as "Ludovicus"; famous man. N/A
Luigi Like Lucovico, derived from the German "Ludwig", from which came the French names Clovis and Clovodeo; famous man, illustrious fighter. N/A
Luigia Variation of Luisa, from old French; famous woman. N/A
Luisa Derived from the ancient masculine French name "Loois", later "Louis"; famous woman. N/A
Lullo From ancient German, latinized as "lullus"; half moon. N/A
Luminosa From the Latin adjective "Luminosus"; that which is bright or shines. N/A
Luperco From the Latin "Lupercus"; he who repels, or pushes back the wolves. N/A
Luperio From the Latin "Luperius"; sacred to Lupercus, another name for the deity Pan. N/A
Lupicino From Latin; small wolf. N/A
Lupo Derived from the Latin "Lupus"; wolf. N/A
Luppo From ancient Sabine; fertile, fecund. N/A
Lussorio Derived from the Latin "Luxoriuse"; magnificent, luxurious. N/A
Lutgarda From the Langobard or Lombard, "Lutgarda"; of famous origin.N/A

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